Folgenden Artikel schrieb ich zusammen mit Danny Sugerman Łber die Pressekonferenz der Doors in Paris 2001, zum Todestag von Jim Morrison...copyrights by KID


Back in Time...

This wasnt a fake dream, not this time. Everyone was excited and there was a great communal atmosphere at the Theatre Les Bouffet du nord in Paris on the evening of July 3. The just released Aquarius concerts were overpowering the noise of the crowd all of whom were waiting for celebrating to official begin: 400 lucky fans were given tickets free of charge . Sitting back, being part of somthing special mystic makes me feel in a state of awe.

The audience exploded as soon as Ray Manzarek and the Doors Manager Danny Sugerman came up on stage. When the crowd became quiet, Ray started talking bout Jim Morrison, Dionysus reborn, the obsessed Shaman who leads his audience into another state of conciousness.

Before the press conference started, Sugerman began by reminding what itís all about.

"We are all Doors fans, letĎs remember JimĎs Art and his words. Letís thank Jim who is the reason we are here."

The usual questions bout Jim were asked like how he died.

"He always had to test people, he liked living on the edge. He just did to much of everything. What killed Jim was excess" Ray explained.

Other topics like the new releases of Bright Midnite were discussed. (To order these concerts go to

When questions about next published poetry , like fireheart were raised, Ray denied the possibility saying that it is probably not Jimís own poetry. Danny asked Patricia Keneally for a handwriting Analysts opinion but Patricia refused.

Although Sugerman announced there will be new videos and DVDís out soon; his book Wonderland Avenue might come on the big screen if everything works out, so keep your fingers crossed.

Fans questioned bout the Doors Movie by Oliver Stone. "Its just a $50 Million Rock video" Sugerman joked. The actors did a great job and the best scenes were the concerts, for sure. While on the subject of acting, the name Cliff Morrison was brought up. As with Patricia Keneally, Cliff refused to take a DNA Test.

Would there have been a Jim Morrison without the Doors?

Ray was quiet reflective. Danny answered:" Probably he would have been another drunken poet living at Venice Beach." Ray said: " But Im sure he would have gotten his poems published. I think it was the voice of the Indian the occupied Jim at the age of four who whispered all that great poems in his ears and it was the

Indian who said ...go for a walk at Venice Beach, theres a guy waiting for you ...And this guy was me"

A question came bout Jim and drug abuse. "Drop acid maybe, open your own Doors of perception , you have to find the truth within your own mind, but stay away from coc and heroin. I think Jim would say...Dont be stupid! Stay alive!...If I would have known better what was going on with Jim at that time, I would have tried to get him into 12 step rehab program. But in the sixties, you dont say...Hey Man, stop drinking!...But Jim knew it was wrong. He said once he will try to quit, but he was an addict and addicts dont have control over this. He was always testing the boundaries." Ray responded.

When the questions were done, the lights turned off and Ray began to weave his magical style on the piano. The feeling I had was just like being back in time at a Doors concert. One could almost sense the presence of Jim on stage. Emotions ran high as he played on Light my fire and all time was forgotten.

Before the screening of the movies like Feast of friends, HWY, the Ghost Song and Critique, Ray and Danny were available to sign Records and books.

This evening showed again, that the Doors and Jim

Morrison are still alive.



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