1) What is the name of your band and why did you choose it?
we haven't really chosen a name yet. We want it to be memorable as well as

2) When will we be able to hear your new cd?
Well, we have recorded 7 songs so far. Were going to record about two or
three more, then start rehearsing for our live shows. We are counting on the
record company people to show up and maybe sign us to a label. If all this
fails to work, I suppose we might just release a cd independently; we already
had some offers to do that.

3) For how long are you together now?
Alec Leif (bass player), Suzanna Griffith (background vocals and keyboard
player), Samantha Lane (background vocals and rhythm guitar) and myself, have
been working together for just over a year now. We will be looking out for a
drummer very soon.

4) What are the songs about?

To me most of the material is personal to me. It has to do with basic
feelings I have dealt with in my life....Pain, lust, love, and humor; to name
just a few.....I'd have to say the majority has to do with pain and loss and
giving up certain things...

5) You are playing in your dads band as well. Is it hard to be
beside him and his fame?
I don't think there's anything hard about playing to sold out crowds and
taking control of the room. I don't really know if Im "succesful" yet.
I know people tend to judge me before they've even heard me sing one note or
play one guitar lick---

6) Whats your fav song and what is it about?
You mean my favorite song of my bands?
Hard to decide--I guess the song "Coming Down" would qualify; though I hate
saying one song's better than another.....To me anyway, it's really about how
life is unfair to some and you really have to just play the hand your dealt
in life.

7) Is there a chance to see you perform in Germany?
I'm sure this time will come......I can't give an exact day or anything yet,
but I'll keep you posted. Within the next year or so I'd say.

8)Can you tell us something about your work together with Cliff
Morrison on
your last Cd Know Peaking?

Sure. I re-wrote every guitar part as well as every solo on that record
except for like two songs.... I no longer endorse Cliff Morrison. There was
a time when I liked him for him; I mean, it didn't matter to me whether he
really was Jim's son or not, I just liked hanging out with the guy. He was
an interesting person.

9) Do you like listening to Doors Songs?
I'll listen to live concerts now and then. Sometimes if theres a song playing
on the radio, I'll listen too. Thats about it---

10)Is it hard to be a son of an ex Doors member?

Like I said before, the only drawback is the way people tend to pre-judge me
before ever hearing me. Other than that, no, Im very proud of my father and
what he's accomplished and I hope to leave a similar mark in history.

Well, it's been real cool!!
See you on stage!!



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