Ive done this interview with my friend Michelle Campbell, copyrights by KID


hello,  sorry it has taken me so long to get
back with you, but I am incredibly busy at the moment.
first, great to hear from you, and I hope all is
going well. I will try to answer as many questions as
possible, but maybe it would be easier to tell you a
little about myself, rather than take them in order.
First, about photography, I consider myself an artist,
photography an art. I like bxw because I think it
very beautiful, I don't dislike color, it's just
another medium. I have an advanced degree in
photography, a Masters of Fine Arts, and I was a
university professor in America, meaning I taught
photographic technique and history. At the moment I
am teaching a hist of photo course to American
students studying in Paris, in short, I love
photography and I love teaching, and I've been doing
both for a long time. It may surprise you to learn
that I'm not doing my project on the grave of Jim
Morrison because I love Jim and The Doors. sure, I
was an original fan back in '67, bougth all the
albums, etc., but i'm doing it because I love
photography. I also think it is a fascinating
phenomenon sociologically. I also have a University
degree in Sociology, and what people do fascinates me,
which is why my photo projects are mostly about
people, not abstracts. I view the pilgrimage to
Morrison's grave as a very important story and history
in the making, which is why I'm recording it with my
camera. I'm fascinated by the effects of media and
mass communications on our lives, and the fact that a
modern religion seems to have been created by media.
Well, there you have it. Hope ti helps your project. let me
know if you want more info, and stay in touch.  Best,

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